Win-Vent Staff

Please don’t hesitate to give us a call or drop us an email with any questions you may have.

Win-Vent Sales Manager

Aaron Malone

Direct Dial: 620-644-3552
Email: Aaron Malone

Inside Sales Manager

Drew Clark

Direct Dial: 620-644-3553
Email: Drew Clark

Project Manager

Sim Miller

Direct Dial: 620-644-3554
Email: Sim Miller

Drafting / Project Manager

Ryan Seaver

Direct Dial: 620-644-3569
Email: Ryan Seaver

Quoting / Project Manager

B.J. Wingebach

Phone Number: 620-223-1111, Ext. 28
Email: B.J. Wingebach

Engineering / Database Management

Jason Davis

Phone Number: 620-223-1111 Ext 41
Email: Jason Davis

Quoting / Engineering

Brian McDaniel 

Phone Number: 620-223-1111 Ext. 47 
Email: Brian McDaniel

Welcome To Our Newest Staff Member!

John Purvis